Arthritis is a career killer….!  A true story from a hardworking Nigerian

Because of CHRONIC joint pain...


I got stuck in the same position, could not be made the new branch manager, I almost lost my dream job and my life was completely shattered


Dear Friend,

Today, I’m holding a new position, enjoying arthritis free life, and the greatest of all is I have been able to put smiles on the faces of over 450 Nigerians.


 This is how it all happened….

My name is Maryann, my parents are from Nnewi in Anambra State but I was born and brought up in Okoko, Lagos. Our house was just a stone throw to Alaba International Market.


To cut the story the long story short…


It was 8 years ago; April of 2010 to be precise…

Arthritis was confirmed for me!!!

As a career woman, that didn’t ring a bell in my ears. Although the pain then was not really that serious, it was something I could shake off in the morning and head to my working place.


“Intelligent, industrious, punctual…” were praises Mr. Adewale always showered on me every morning I step into the office.


He was our marketing manager at one of the reputable companies in Lagos. A very caring, hardworking and understanding man, there is no way his wife won’t enjoy every bit of him.


 Years later

I started experiencing some WICKED joint pain…which I know you will be familiar with.


This pain was so severe that it was affecting my productivity at my working place. I could have been made our new branch manager but because my productivity reduced….it was given to another person.


It was like a death blow to my career…after working so hard all these years!!!


At times, I would wake up in the morning and I would feel heavier, weaker than a man who singlehandedly offloaded a trailer of Dangote cement…sounds funny but that was the situation.


If not for Mr. Adewale, I would have been sacked a long time ago. Whenever we were expecting important personalities, he would call me to try to make it to work.


Ask me where I was….either I was lying helpless on my bed gnashing my teeth from excruciating joint pain or roaming from one hospital to another looking for a solution, which I did not see.

 The defining moment… the big decision 

The pain of moving from one hospital to another was tormenting, my productivity level dropped at work and I was on the verge of losing my dream job….my boss can’t protect me forever, I thought.


Then I made a vow, the defining moment of my life that SINCE I’M NOT DEAD YET, I WILL FIND A CURE TO THIS PAIN, AND I WON’T DIE WITH IT.

A month leave

I requested for a month leave. I went to popular hospitals in Abuja and I even went to Cotonou, Benin Republic….my experience there cannot be put in writing.


If I should narrate what I went through in the hands of immigration officers at Seme border (located in Badagry, Lagos State – the border that links Nigeria and Cotonou), you would just burst into tears.

One month leave gone no solution

I had to call my manager and beg for another month…look, I was determined…either I die looking or I find a solution.


He reluctantly agreed…not many would.

Determination in life is the difference

After spending thousands of naira without solution on this problem that wanted to render my life useless…one afternoon I stumbled upon a solution that changed my life forever… I said stumbled because it was unexpected.

I was very skeptical and scared to take action because I didn’t want to fall the prey of fake drugs or being cheated out of my hard earned money again…. I mean for years reputable hospitals in Lagos and Abuja told me to “TAKE THESE DRUGS FOR PAIN, GO HOME AND LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT.” 

I was determined… Either I die or I will be free! 

 I decided to take the bull by the horns and I followed the given instruction…..

Forever free 

Today, I’m totally free from joint pain…NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!

 Meanwhile, I got promoted; I’m enjoying arthritis-free life, I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face. 


It's just as if I never had arthritis. If you see me walking now you won't believe I was once a woman who suffered chronic arthritis for 8 YEARS!!!

You must take charge of your body and your life. You are not dead yet…..you can live the rest of your life free from arthritis!!!


Do you want to know how?


Please, let me help you as well!


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